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chaz/carfire simple top-down tile-based adventure game 14 years ago
chaz/chatty perl/catalyst and meteord chat app demo 12 years ago
chaz/docker-connect easily connect to Docker sockets over SSH 5 years ago
chaz/git-codeowners Another CLI tool for managing CODEOWNERS files 3 years ago
chaz/githead tiny tool to get the name of HEAD 11 years ago
chaz/graphql-client A GraphQL client 2 years ago
chaz/groupsecret a simple tool for maintaining a shared group secret 6 years ago
chaz/homebank fork of homebank with support for plugins 4 years ago
chaz/homebank2ledger A tool to convert HomeBank files to Ledger format 2 years ago
chaz/multisig-backup-file Create a printable Bitcoin Multisig backup file 2 years ago
chaz/openbox my patches for the openbox window manager 9 years ago
chaz/p5-Acme-Test-LogicalEquivalence test if expressions are logically equivalent 7 years ago
chaz/p5-Alien-ZMQ find and install libzmq, the core zeromq library 10 years ago
chaz/p5-AnyEvent-XMPP-Ext-HTML xep-0071: xhtml-im support for AnyEvent::XMPP 11 years ago
chaz/p5-CGI-Ex a CGI utility suite, the anti-framework application framework 10 years ago
chaz/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Sitemap fork of the catalyst sitemap plugin 12 years ago
chaz/p5-DBIx-Class-ResultSet-RecursiveUpdate recursive update for DBIC 12 years ago
chaz/p5-Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-CCM a plugin bundle for distributions built by CCM 2 years ago
chaz/p5-File-KDBX Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 23 months ago
chaz/p5-File-KDBX-XS Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 2 years ago
chaz/p5-HTTP-AnyUA an HTTP user agent programming interface unification layer 5 years ago
chaz/p5-Linux-Proc-Maps read and write /proc/[pid]/maps files 7 years ago
chaz/p5-Plack-App-Proxy-WebSocket proxy http and websocket connections 10 years ago
chaz/p5-Return-Type-Lexical Same thing as Return::Type, but lexical 4 years ago
chaz/rasterize software rasterizer for cs5600 2 years ago
chaz/sbt-tap sbt plug-in to generate tap output for tests 11 years ago
chaz/talk-bring-your-own-user-agent lighting talk I gave at TPC 2018 in SLC 6 years ago
chaz/talk-event-driven-programming-in-perl talk I gave at TPC 2018 in SLC 6 years ago
chaz/talk-how-to-deal-with-introverts talk I gave at OpenWest 2016 8 years ago
chaz/talk-introduction-to-psgi talk I gave at OpenWest 2016 8 years ago
chaz/talk-level-up-your-perl talk I gave at OpenWest 2018 6 years ago
chaz/tar Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. 8 years ago
chaz/thecheat the legendary game trainer for macosx 12 years ago
chaz/tint2 a lightweight panel/taskbar, with patches 11 years ago
chaz/vim-mermaid Vim syntax for Mermaid diagrams 4 years ago
chaz/vimcoder the topcoder vim editor plug-in 7 years ago
chaz/website brokenzipper.com website 5 years ago
chaz/yoink port of a 3d side-scroller action game 13 years ago
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