descriptionport of a 3d side-scroller action game
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2011-07-16  Charles McGarveyfixed documentation about where to find licenses master
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyupdate video methods
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveycleaned up script wrapper and bindings
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyglobal gravity for rigid bodies
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyrename main class
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveycompression functions; fixed texture seams
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveypch support
2011-07-01  Charles McGarveyimport stlplus 3.7
2011-07-01  Charles McGarveyremove some unused stlplus modules
2011-06-29  Charles McGarveybuild system enhancements
2010-08-21  Charles McGarveyfurther implementing runloop support
2010-08-07  Charles McGarveyinitial runloop implementation
2010-08-07  Charles McGarveyprep for runloop code
2010-08-05  Charles McGarveytesting improved runloop scheduling
2010-07-27  Charles McGarveymesh and other random adjustments
2010-07-19  Charles McGarveyuse only triangles; no quads
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