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2022-05-01  Charles McGarveyAdd README to repo master
2022-05-01  Charles McGarveyRelease File-KDBX-XS 0.900 v0.900
2022-04-20  Charles McGarveyset a version in repo Makefile.PL
2022-04-20  Charles McGarveymove functions to the File::KDBX::XS module
2022-04-19  Charles McGarveyAdd CowREFCNT as a utility function
2022-04-09  Charles McGarveyadd perl's bin directory to $PATH
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyadd badges
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyinstall cpanminus via homebrew for macOS testing
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyfix wrong object extension in Makefile.nmake
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveydo not unit test Windows with crlf line endings
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyspecify prototyping behavior explicitly
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyfix unit test actions for macOS & Windows
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveymake sure MakeMaker::Custom is listed as a prereq
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyadd unit test actions
2022-04-08  Charles McGarveyadd more files to clean
2022-03-31  Charles McGarveyupdate dzil authorbundle dependency
2022-03-31  Charles McGarveyadd NAME WriteMakefile arg for non-dzil testing
2022-03-30  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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