descriptiona lightweight panel/taskbar, with patches
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2013-03-27  Charles McGarveyadd missing battery config CPP guard master
2013-03-27  Mishael A Sibiryakovfreespace.patch
2013-03-27  Mishael A Sibiryakovlauncher_apps_dir-v2.patch
2013-03-27  Yuri Bochkarevsample-task-align.patch, src-task-align.patch
2012-11-29  Charles McGarveyfix clock to update even if it is on line two
2012-10-14  Thierry LorthioisFix for no task cycling if all windows are minimized
2012-10-14  Thierry LorthioisFix for incorrect task cycling when windows visible...
2012-07-02  UnknownAdding startup-notification support.
2012-03-14  Thierry LorthioisDrag and drop support for launchers
2012-03-14  Thierry LorthioisLocalize launcher tooltips
2011-10-26  Thierry LorthioisLauncher: add icon lookup in ~/.local and /usr/local
2011-10-25  Thierry LorthioisDisable mouse hover events when the launcher tooltip...
2011-10-22  Thierry LorthioisFix possible double free in launcher
2011-10-22  Thierry LorthioisFix possible double free in launcher
2011-10-12  UnknownLauncher tooltips configurable, default off (Issue...
2011-10-11  UnknownAdded alpha, saturation, brightness control for launche...
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