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2012-03-22  Charles McGarveyadd test script for mysql master
2012-03-22  Charles McGarveypartial fix for #69624
2011-08-22  Zbigniew ŁukasiakMerge pull request #4 from ilmari/master
2011-08-22  Dagfinn Ilmari... Add unique constraints on columns referenced by foreign...
2011-08-22  Dagfinn Ilmari... Silence NOTICE-level messages from PostgreSQL
2011-05-16  jjn1056Merge pull request #3 from jjn1056/master
2011-05-16  John Napiorkowskifixed incorrect join condition on a relationship which...
2011-02-24  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.23
2011-02-24  Alexander Hartmaierfixed moosified-rs.t failures by making the test skip...
2011-02-24  Alexander Hartmaieradded use strict and use warnings to all tests + perltidy
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.22
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaieruse an in-memory SQLite db for moosified-rs.t to not...
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierfixed usage with moosified resultsets (RT#64773)
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierignore t/var/ generated by tests
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierfixed updating of nullable has_many rels (RT#65561)
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierfixed deprecated search condition
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