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2021-04-02  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.50 master
2021-04-02  Charles McGarveysplit off File::Codeowners
2020-03-22  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.49 v0.49
2020-03-22  Charles McGarveyadd update_owner method to File::Codeowners
2020-03-22  Charles McGarveyfix printing wide char with YAML formatter
2020-01-21  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.48 v0.48
2020-01-17  Charles McGarveyadd rename_project function to File::Codeowners
2020-01-17  Charles McGarveyremove emoji from CODEOWNERS template
2019-11-18  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.47 v0.47
2019-11-18  Charles McGarveycompare long paths on win32
2019-11-17  Charles McGarveyconfigure git user
2019-11-17  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.46 v0.46
2019-11-17  Charles McGarveyrequire Path::Tiny 0.089 (for spewing arrayrefs)
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveyfix little documentation error
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveyadd DESCRIPTION to App::Codeowners
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.45 v0.45
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveymake Pod::Usage optional
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.44 v0.44
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveyalso honor COLOR_DEPTH environment variable
2019-11-15  Charles McGarveycompare canonical paths in test
2019-11-14  Charles McGarveyhopefully fix pod2usage "not a glob reference" bug
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.43 v0.43
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyfix broken "create" and "update" commands
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveymark "check" target as phony
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.42 v0.42
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyadd projects command and filtering to show command
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyshow COMMANDS section for --help flag
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveylog if env var GIT_CODEOWNERS_DEBUG is set
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveydo not die in test if there is no git executable
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyrefactor formatters
2019-11-13  Charles McGarveyfix dependencies
2019-11-12  Charles McGarveyrequire git 1.8.5 because of the -C flag
2019-11-12  Charles McGarveyembed ansi reset sequence to improve compatibility
2019-11-10  Charles McGarveyadd README
2019-11-10  Charles McGarveyRelease App-Codeowners 0.41 v0.41
2019-11-10  Charles McGarveyadd fatpack script
2019-11-09  Charles McGarveyuse Text::Table::Any for table formatting
2019-11-08  Charles McGarveyallow shorter color codes
2019-11-08  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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