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2018-02-15  Charles McGarveyRelease App-GroupSecret 0.304 master
2018-02-15  Charles McGarveyneed Getopt::Long 2.38 for GetOptionsFromArray
2018-02-14  Charles McGarveyRelease App-GroupSecret 0.303
2018-02-14  Charles McGarveyallow finding symlink pubkeys
2018-02-14  Charles McGarveyimprove error message for private key not found
2018-02-14  Charles McGarveyimprove error message for no keyfile or secret
2017-12-02  Charles McGarveyadd documentation fixes
2017-12-02  Charles McGarveyRelease App-GroupSecret 0.302
2017-12-02  Charles McGarveydocument the ansible-vault use case
2017-12-02  Charles McGarveyfix documentation errors
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyRelease App-GroupSecret 0.301
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyset main_module to the script
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyskip tests which call out to ssh-keygen for now
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyadd support for ssh-keygen without -E flag
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveymake crypt programs package variables
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyavoid declaring unused vars for stdin
2017-12-01  Charles McGarveyuse sha256 digest explicitly for aes-256-cbc
2017-11-30  Charles McGarveyadd auto-generated README
2017-11-30  Charles McGarveyRelease App-GroupSecret 0.300
2017-11-30  Charles McGarveyremove WIP parts of the pod
2017-11-30  Charles McGarveyadd the last remaining miss pod
2017-11-30  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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