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2021-12-01  Charles McGarveymake animate script work for modern luas master
2012-03-07  Charles McGarveyfixes for compiling with mingw32 project3
2012-03-07  Charles McGarveyadd texture mapping with perspective correction
2012-03-07  Charles McGarveyimport project 3 files; added blending
2012-03-06  Charles McGarveyrefactor the animation script a bit
2012-02-21  Charles McGarveyadd external supersampling to animate script
2012-02-21  Charles McGarveypreliminary support for obj files
2012-02-20  Charles McGarveyrefactor triangle group into a separate class
2012-02-14  Charles McGarveysmall change to readme file
2012-02-14  Charles McGarveyadd phong interpolation (lighting)
2012-02-13  Charles McGarveymake the animate script even easier to understand
2012-02-13  Charles McGarveyadd scene lighting constructs; real stdin support
2012-02-12  Charles McGarveyrotate script now more intuitive, maybe
2012-02-12  Charles McGarveyadd geometry caching and a rotation script
2012-02-11  Charles McGarveyadd support for 3d scenes, depth testing, lighting project2
2012-02-09  Charles McGarveyadd README for project one project1
2012-02-07  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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