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2017-03-05  Charles McGarveydo not screw up line endings when reading files master
2016-11-30  Charles McGarveyretab to four spaces for indentation
2016-11-30  Charles McGarveyadd basic tests
2016-11-30  Charles McGarveyMerge pull request #12 from svn-kmf/master
2016-11-30  Feramfix typos
2015-03-09  Sven KämpfChange build command to work with free functions
2015-03-07  Charles McGarveybump version for v0.3.6 release
2014-03-05  Charles McGarveydo not add editor name to the end of a submission
2013-06-27  Christoffer... add new example to 'Vim command' section in README
2013-04-09  Charles McGarveyremove macros from C++ template
2013-04-09  Charles McGarveydocumentation fixup
2013-04-09  Charles McGarveydocument new directory structure and bump version v0.3.5
2013-04-08  Charles McGarveyadd support for contest name directory structure
2013-04-08  Charles McGarveydisplay test runtimes in milliseconds
2013-04-08  Charles McGarveymake the C++ driver depend on the solution source code
2013-04-07  Charles McGarveyfix documentation typos and improve readability
2013-04-07  Charles McGarveygenerate TAP output with the default C++ templates
2013-04-07  Charles McGarveyadd gitignore file
2013-04-07  Charles McGarveyimprove ability to run vimcoder in-place (i.e. jar...
2013-04-07  Charles McGarveyadd modelines with settings for current coding conventions
2013-01-25  Charles McGarveychange website url and bump version v0.3.4
2013-01-25  Charles McGarveyuse jar(1) instead of zip(1) to create the jar file
2013-01-25  Charles McGarveyspecify the std abort function in C++ driver
2013-01-25  Charles McGarveyfix typos in the documentation
2013-01-03  Charles McGarveyfix download url and typos; change header formatting
2013-01-02  Charles McGarveyadd the user manual to readme file as markdown
2012-08-23  Charles McGarveyupdate version for another minor release v0.3.3
2012-08-23  Charles McGarveyupdate website address
2012-08-23  Charles McGarveyupdate copyright owners to include other than me
2012-08-20  Charles McGarveyseparate whitespace handling into its own function
2012-08-20  Charles McGarveymake the jar file also depend on the resources
2012-08-19  Sam Liddertrailing whitespace cleanup
2012-08-19  Sam Lidderadd clean target to Makefile for convenience
2012-08-18  Sam Lidderfix infinite loop bug when reading test cases
2012-08-18  Sam Lidderadd extra tests for comparing floating point values
2011-12-19  Charles McGarveychange URL for manual page
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyupdate version number for minor release v0.3.2
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyC++ template uses -ggdb; whitespace modifications
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveytargets should only depend on main class
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveywait on the server process for 2.5 seconds
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveypreferences dialog follows TC conventions
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyrename quote method to escape
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyjust some whitespace cleanup
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveydo not overwrite makefiles while opening a problem
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveycompressing types with multiple identifiers is bad...
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveymakefile dependencies weren't quite right
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveythe stall time is too probably too short
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveyupdate copyright timespan
2011-06-23  Charles McGarveycleaned up build system
2010-12-15  Charles McGarveyupdate version number for minor release v0.3.1
2010-12-14  Charles McGarveyinsert separator between C++ output stream ops
2010-11-20  Charles McGarveyline-endings now correct for Windows
2010-11-18  Charles McGarveynew build system; fixed white space problems
2010-11-17  Charles McGarveypreparing for next release v0.3
2010-11-16  Charles McGarveynow loads template files from storage directory
2010-11-16  Charles McGarveycleaned up the preferences dialog
2010-11-16  Charles McGarveybetter default preferences for win32
2010-11-13  Charles McGarveystorage directory and vim command now configurable v0.2
2010-11-12  Charles McGarveysmall cleanups; documented the code
2010-11-12  Charles McGarveyimproved C++ driver template
2010-11-12  Charles McGarveybasic java template
2010-11-11  Charles McGarveydon't wait on vim processes
2010-11-08  Charles McGarveyinitial commit v0.1
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