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last changeMon, 3 Aug 2015 13:47:22 +0000 (16:47 +0300)
2015-08-03  Sergey PoznyakoffOptions to control option handling in file lists. master
2015-07-25  Anders JonssonFix typos (preceeded etc.)
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: fix symlink race and symlink transform bug
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: port -d to longer symlinks
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: port to recent gnulib
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: pacify GCC 5.1 -Wformat-signedness
2015-04-16  Sergey PoznyakoffFix extraction from concatenated incremental archives.
2015-04-10  Sergey PoznyakoffFix make installcheck
2015-03-18  Paul Eggerttar: don't assume GZIP
2015-03-17  Paul Eggerttar: don't suggest GZIP
2015-02-19  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove compression format recognition
2015-01-06  Paul Eggerttar: port xattr-at.c to Solaris 10
2015-01-06  Paul Eggerttar: port wordsplit attribute to Sun C
2014-12-17  Sergey PoznyakoffSilent a cc warning
2014-12-12  Paul Eggerttar: port ISFOUND, WASFOUND to C89
2014-12-10  Sergey PoznyakoffFix tar -c -l file file
7 years ago ccm-transform-delimiter-replace-expr-bugfix
7 years ago master
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