2013-04-19  Charles McGarveyremove unused import master
2013-04-18  Charles McGarveyadd target directories to gitignore
2013-01-14  Charles McGarveysynchronize writes to keep test lines in order
2013-01-14  Charles McGarveyupdate tap protocol version to 13
2013-01-12  Charles McGarveyupdate link to the sbt project
2013-01-12  Charles McGarveyfix readme with correct syntax for appending to testLis...
2013-01-11  Charles McGarveytry to create ancestor directories of the tap file
2013-01-11  Charles McGarveyoutput errors as diagnostic messages
2013-01-11  Charles McGarveyoutput start/end group as tap diagnostics
2013-01-11  Charles McGarveyflush the output
2013-01-11  Charles McGarveyadd ability to set TAP output file path by environment
2012-05-10  Manish Khettryuse apply instead of lazy val
2012-04-26  Manish Khettryadd a whitespace before stack trace
2012-04-26  Manish Khettryadd testname after skip
2012-04-26  Manish Khettryfix project name
2012-04-26  Manish Khettryprint stack trace
2012-04-26  Manish KhettryRemove print. Now that things work under jenkins.
2012-04-25  Manish Khettryfor now a print statement to see that the tap reporter...
2012-04-22  Manish Khettryfix readme
2012-04-22  Manish Khettrybetter readme
2012-04-22  Manish KhettryDon't modify testListeners in the plugin itself. Make...
2012-04-22  Manish Khettryremove unused imports
2012-04-22  Manish Khettryinitial commit for sbt-tap plugin
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