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2015-08-03  Sergey PoznyakoffOptions to control option handling in file lists. master
2015-07-25  Anders JonssonFix typos (preceeded etc.)
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: fix symlink race and symlink transform bug
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: port -d to longer symlinks
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: port to recent gnulib
2015-07-13  Paul Eggerttar: pacify GCC 5.1 -Wformat-signedness
2015-04-16  Sergey PoznyakoffFix extraction from concatenated incremental archives.
2015-04-10  Sergey PoznyakoffFix make installcheck
2015-03-18  Paul Eggerttar: don't assume GZIP
2015-03-17  Paul Eggerttar: don't suggest GZIP
2015-02-19  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove compression format recognition
2015-01-06  Paul Eggerttar: port xattr-at.c to Solaris 10
2015-01-06  Paul Eggerttar: port wordsplit attribute to Sun C
2014-12-17  Sergey PoznyakoffSilent a cc warning
2014-12-12  Paul Eggerttar: port ISFOUND, WASFOUND to C89
2014-12-10  Sergey PoznyakoffFix tar -c -l file file
2014-11-07  Sergey PoznyakoffHonor the pax-option overrides when creating archive.
2014-11-07  Sergey PoznyakoffAdd testcase for the previous commit.
2014-11-07  Pavel RaiskupFix bug in sparse file listing
2014-10-15  Sergey PoznyakoffFix a typo
2014-10-01  Sergey PoznyakoffFix README
2014-09-24  Sergey PoznyakoffBugfixes.
2014-09-18  Sergey PoznyakoffBugfix: entries read from the -T file did not get prope...
2014-08-16  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove documentation.
2014-07-27  Sergey PoznyakoffVersion 1.28
2014-07-27  Nathan Stratton... Minor change in docstrings.
2014-07-27  Nathan Stratton... Restructure the remfiles testsuite.
2014-07-22  Sergey PoznyakoffDon't build ttyemu and run tty I/O test if grantpt...
2014-07-22  Benno SchulenbergFix a typo and some wordings in the documentation.
2014-07-22  Nathan Stratton... Fix the testsuite
2014-07-11  Paul Eggerttar: minor fixups related to recent checkpoint.c change
2014-07-11  Sergey PoznyakoffBugfixes
2014-06-29  Nathan Stratton... tar: document xgetcwd test case better
2014-06-24  Sergey PoznyakoffFix typos in ChangeLog
2014-04-29  Paul Eggerttar: do not dereference NULL pointer with '--remove...
2014-03-27  Sergey PoznyakoffRefuse to write archive contents to a tty.
2014-03-26  Vitezslav Cizekfix an eternal loop in handle_option
2014-03-20  Sergey PoznyakoffFail if archive comes from a terminal.
2014-03-13  Paul Eggerttar: port to Solaris 9
2014-02-25  Sergey PoznyakoffTest the --[no-]recursive options (see commit 2bd9c153_.
2014-02-22  Sergey PoznyakoffSupport exclusion patterns from various VCS ignore...
2014-02-14  Sergey PoznyakoffFix in testsuite
2014-02-14  Pavel Raiskuptestsuite: add test for buggy default ACLs
2014-02-14  Pavel Raiskupacls: bugfix for default ACLs extraction
2014-02-14  Pavel Raiskuptar: imply --xattrs when --xattrs-{inc,exc}lude used
2014-02-14  Sergey PoznyakoffTHANKS: Add Anthony G. Basile.
2014-02-14  Sergey PoznyakoffUse correct headers/libraries when providing xattr...
2014-02-14  Sergey PoznyakoffMinor change
2014-02-13  Sergey PoznyakoffNew option --sort=ORDER
2014-02-13  Sergey PoznyakoffFix the testsuite
2014-02-13  Sergey PoznyakoffFix --one-top-level used together with --list.
2014-02-13  Sergey PoznyakoffFix NEWS
2014-02-12  Sergey Poznyakoffconfigure.ac: look for host-prefixed ar
2014-02-10  Sergey PoznyakoffBugfix
2014-02-10  Sergey PoznyakoffFix docs.
2014-02-10  Sergey PoznyakoffUpdate docs.
2014-01-30  Sergey PoznyakoffUpdate copyright years.
2014-01-28  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove one-top-level functionality
2014-01-27  Connor BehanDetect tarbombs while extracting
2014-01-27  Sergey PoznyakoffDon't install rmt.8 if rmt is not built.
2014-01-27  Sergey PoznyakoffProvide tar(1) and rmt(8) manpages.
2014-01-23  Sergey PoznyakoffMake sure transformed file names retain trailing slash...
2014-01-22  Sergey Poznyakoffcheckpoint actions: further improvements.
2014-01-22  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove checkpoint interface.
2014-01-21  Sergey PoznyakoffImplement statistics display in checkpoint actions.
2014-01-10  Sergey PoznyakoffRemove shar archives from distribution.
2014-01-09  Sergey PoznyakoffFix the use of --no-recursion and --recursion options.
2014-01-09  Sergey PoznyakoffMinor bugfixes
2014-01-07  Paul Eggerttar: work aruond IBM XL C bug
2014-01-03  Paul Eggerttar: update ancient configure cruft
2013-11-17  Sergey PoznyakoffVersion 1.27.1
2013-11-17  Sergey PoznyakoffFix star compatibility (sparse headers)
2013-11-17  Sergey PoznyakoffFix GNU long link header.
2013-11-17  Sergey PoznyakoffFix unquoting of input file names.
2013-10-24  Paul Eggertbuild: fix bug where 'configure --with-posix-acls'...
2013-10-23  Paul EggertFix core dump on Solaris 10 when "." isn't readable.
2013-10-05  Sergey PoznyakoffVersion 1.27
2013-10-05  Sergey PoznyakoffMinor fixes.
2013-10-05  Sergey PoznyakoffXfail the remfiles09b test.
2013-10-05  Nathan Stratton... Tiny change
2013-10-05  Pavel RaiskupTiny change
2013-10-05  Sergey PoznyakoffFix namespace contamination in testsuite.
2013-10-05  Nathan Stratton... Provide comprehensive testcases for various file remova...
2013-10-03  Sergey PoznyakoffTiny changes.
2013-10-01  Sergey PoznyakoffRevamp tar_getcwd/normalize_filename stuff.
2013-09-26  Sergey PoznyakoffBugfix
2013-09-26  Sergey PoznyakoffUse relative addressing in deferred unlinks.
2013-09-25  Nathan Stratton... Improve tar-snapshot-edit
2013-09-25  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove tar_getcwd
2013-09-24  Sergey PoznyakoffFix normalize_filename.
2013-09-23  Sergey PoznyakoffChanges for compatibility with Slackware installation...
2013-09-21  Sergey PoznyakoffFix error message (complements 0ea6e686)
2013-09-15  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove the incr07 test
2013-09-15  Nathan Stratton... Implement the --show-snapshot-field-ranges option
2013-09-15  Sergey PoznyakoffTake into account chdir_fd when extracting from increme...
2013-09-15  Sergey PoznyakoffMinor fix
2013-09-13  Paul Eggert* src/names.c (file_list_name): Properly prototype.
2013-09-13  Paul Eggerttar: don't warn about zero timestamps
2013-08-19  Pavel RaiskupMinor fix in the testsuite.
2013-08-17  Sergey PoznyakoffImprove error diagnostics
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