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2013-09-28  Charles McGarveyswitch distribution to zeromq-3.2.4 master v0.06
2013-06-07  Charles McGarveydo not print Ø for the benefit of unicode-unaware terminals
2013-06-07  Charles McGarveyremove use of `say' to support older perls
2013-05-03  Charles McGarveyswitch distribution to zeromq-3.2.3; bump version v0.05
2013-04-12  Charles McGarveyadd gitignore file
2013-01-29  Charles McGarveycflags and libs can now return a list of flags
2013-01-29  Charles McGarveyimprove the abstract and add urls to dist metadata
2013-01-24  Charles McGarveymention cygwin in the documentation; bump version number v0.0403
2013-01-23  Charles McGarveyrequire Archive::Tar 1.00 since older versions don...
2013-01-23  Charles McGarveyrequire MB 0.40 to avoid RT#68585
2013-01-22  Charles McGarveyadd example that compiles an executable with cbuilder
2013-01-21  Charles McGarveyrequire perl 5.10.1 for File::Path::make_path v0.0402
2013-01-21  Charles McGarveyadd conditional-eproto patch; bump version number v0.0401
2013-01-21  Charles McGarveyrequire a more recent version of cbuilder
2013-01-21  Charles McGarveyfix section references in the documentation
2013-01-20  Charles McGarveyfix up documentation and bump version number v0.04
2013-01-20  Charles McGarveydo not bother building the zeromq test programs
2013-01-20  Charles McGarveynever treat zeromq compiler warnings as fatal
2013-01-19  Charles McGarveyrun the zeromq configure script through sh explicitly
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveybump version number for new release v0.03
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveyoutput log of zeromq installation
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveyadd smarter shell-quoting in the cflags and libs functions
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveyimprove handling of spaces in build args
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveyuse cbuilder for cc and dlext
2013-01-18  Charles McGarveymake the auto-generated changelog less verbose
2013-01-17  Charles McGarveyadd markdown-formatted readme document
2013-01-16  Charles McGarveyinitial commit v0.02
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