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descriptionfork of the catalyst sitemap plugin
last changeWed, 29 Feb 2012 19:08:46 +0000 (12:08 -0700)
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2012-02-29  Charles McGarveyfix compatibility with C::P::SmartURI releases
2010-12-01  Yanick ChampouxBuild results of 0db120e (on www-sitemap-xml)
2010-12-01  Yanick Champouxv1.0.0
2010-12-01  Yanick Champouxchange for WWW::Sitemap::XML
2010-11-30  Yanick ChampouxMerge remote branch 'ajgb/master' into www-sitemap-xml
2010-11-30  Yanick Champouxdzil housekeeping
2010-11-24  Alex J. G.... Drop dependency on Search::Sitemap in favour of WWW...
2010-11-21  Yanick Champouxmention D::P::SM in SEE ALSO
2010-09-30  Yanick ChampouxBuild results of 37c98d0 (on master)
2010-09-30  Yanick Champouxv0.0.1
2010-09-30  Yanick Champouxpreparing for a first release
2010-09-29  Yanick Champouxreturn the $sitemap object instead than the XML directly
2010-09-28  Yanick Champouxinitial commit
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