update video methods
[chaz/yoink] / src / Hud.cc
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveyupdate video methods
2011-07-13  Charles McGarveypch support
2011-07-01  Charles McGarveyremove some unused stlplus modules
2010-08-21  Charles McGarveyfurther implementing runloop support
2010-06-21  Charles McGarveyconverted image management to resource handles
2010-05-24  Charles McGarveythe massive refactoring effort
2010-03-01  Charles McGarveydestroyed global classes; view hierarchy instead
2010-01-30  Charles McGarveygame loop tweaks; shapes hierarchy defined
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveyreformatting
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveylibrary class revamped as manager, goodbye tilemap
2010-01-16  Charles McGarveyrefactoring needed for win32 crash
2010-01-12  Charles McGarveydispatch class not a singleton, engine is static
2009-12-08  Charles McGarveyexperimental shapes hierarchy and raycasting
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyfoundational changes; tying up some loose ends
2009-11-19  Charles McGarveyminor refactoring and state progress
2009-11-03  Charles McGarveyconverted tilemap scripts to lua
2009-10-17  Charles McGarveyfixed layer bugs; generalized octree
2009-10-14  Charles McGarveynew level-based controllers
2009-09-14  Charles McGarveymore featureful sound class
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveypreliminary physics, sound, hud
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