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removed alut dependency
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2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyremoved alut dependency
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyfoundational changes; tying up some loose ends
2009-11-29  Charles McGarveybig batch of changes
2009-11-23  Charles McGarveyupdated documentation
2009-11-11  Charles McGarveysmall build system tweaks
2009-10-07  Charles McGarveynew lua scripting for scene loading
2009-09-28  Charles McGarveynew timer class
2009-09-16  Charles McGarveyminor cleanups
2009-07-27  Charles McGarveymain loop code fixed to decouple updates and draws
2009-07-07  Charles McGarveynew classes; yajl library
2009-06-29  Charles McGarveynew supporting files
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