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[chaz/yoink] / README
2 Yoink is a game originally developed by Neil Carter for Mac OS. You play the
3 part of a flying alien heroine who must defend her home on Earth from other
4 airborne alien invaders.
6 This version of the game uses all new code and modern frameworks to bring
7 this simple, fast-moving action game to a wider audience.
9 The new code is released under the BSD-2 license. The old code and original
10 resources are provided under the zlib/libpng License. See COPYING for complete
11 details.
13 Dependencies:
15 boost headers
16 OpenGL (libGL, libGL or opengl32, glu32)
17 SDL
18 SDL_image (with libpng support)
19 libvorbisfile
20 OpenAL
21 freealut
24 Notes regarding the code:
26 I've made some effort to put the more generic or reusable code into a separate
27 library called Moof. I've also made an effort to incorporate 3rd-party code
28 that happened to fit well into what I needed. So, generally, the source code is
29 separated into these three categories:
31 1. Yoink-specific code.
33 This is the code directly in src/. These classes reside in no namespace.
35 2. Reusable code.
37 Currently, the code is in src/Moof/, and it is compiled as a convenience
38 library. These classes and other helper functions reside in the Mf namespace.
39 Since I wrote this code alongside the Yoink-specific stuff, there is somewhat of
40 a blurry line between the two categories.
42 3. 3rd-party code.
44 This is made up of free code from other projects or libraries (aside from the
45 explicit dependencies above), the licenses of which are also in the COPYING
46 file. This code resides in various namespaces and in various subdirectories.
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