remove some deprected stuff
[chaz/yoink] / src / moof / resource.hh
2010-06-25  Charles McGarveyremove some deprected stuff
2010-06-22  Charles McGarveyfixed some resource management bugs
2010-06-21  Charles McGarveyconverted image management to resource handles
2010-06-17  Charles McGarveyresource loading bugs and new sound class
2010-06-16  Charles McGarveyconfiguration cleanup and bugfixes
2010-06-15  Charles McGarveybegin cleaning up resource management
2010-06-15  Charles McGarveymoving some non-portable code to stlplus
2010-06-07  Charles McGarveytesting new non-autotools build system
2010-05-24  Charles McGarveythe massive refactoring effort
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