Relating an unrelated record with composed pk
[chaz/p5-DBIx-Class-ResultSet-RecursiveUpdate] / t / lib /
2009-06-10  Zbigniew LukasiakRelating an unrelated record with composed pk
2009-05-12  zbym2m accepts one element instead of an arrayref; id...
2009-05-04  zbymight_have with non pk fk
2009-04-19  zbyFunctional interface
2009-02-16  zbyone less warning in tests
2009-02-16  zbycompatible with 0.08012
2009-02-16  zbyfixed_fields as array
2009-02-02  zbygot rid of the requirement to add id => undef
2009-02-02  zbyworkaround for updating records with might_have plus...
2009-02-02  zbya few tests
2009-01-30  zbycode for resolving - fix
2009-01-30  zbycode for resolving
2009-01-25  zbyfix for a new record that belongs to an old one; accept...
2008-11-13  zbyhashrefs in m2m
2008-09-22  zbyInitial
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