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[chaz/chatty] / lib / Chatty / Controller /
2012-01-04  Charles McGarveyvalidate sent chat to avoid spurious join messages
2012-01-04  Charles McGarveyadd comet support for real-time chatting
2012-01-04  Charles McGarveyuse a json view instead of writing json directly
2011-10-20  Charles McGarveybasic (non-AJAX) chat implemented
2011-10-20  Charles McGarveycreate, list, and room viewing implemented
2011-10-20  Charles McGarveyreturn from eval doesn't return function
2011-10-20  Charles McGarveybetter client-side form validation; layout tweaks
2011-10-14  Charles McGarveyswitch to FormHandler for validation
2011-10-13  Charles McGarveyadd register template; improved message feedback
2011-10-13  Charles McGarveyimplemented session tracking and authentication
2011-10-13  Charles McGarveyadding a basic template to build off of
2011-10-13  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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