removed logging from script to fix compile error
[chaz/yoink] / win32 /
2010-03-09  Charles McGarveynew convenient script methods
2010-03-05  Charles McGarveyzlib fix for
2010-03-05  Charles McGarveynow can create win32 portable packages
2010-03-05  Charles McGarveywin32 dependency script to build without syncing
2010-03-04  Charles McGarveynew win32 deps script; using pkgconfig for openal
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveyupgrade libpng to 1.4.0
2010-01-16  Charles McGarveyrefactoring needed for win32 crash
2010-01-12  Charles McGarveysimplified win32 installer build script
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveyray-scene intersection
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveypreliminary AM_SILENT_RULES support
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyremoved alut dependency
2009-11-29  Charles McGarveybig batch of changes
2009-11-24  Charles McGarveyrenamed mippleton to library
2009-11-23  Charles McGarveyfixed win32 installer building
2009-11-23  Charles McGarveyupdated documentation
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