initial mesh testing
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2010-07-18  Charles McGarveyinitial mesh testing
2010-06-25  Charles McGarveyremove some deprected stuff
2010-06-24  Charles McGarveyimproved build tools
2010-06-23  Charles McGarveystlplus netbsd subprocess fix
2010-06-22  Charles McGarveyfixed some resource management bugs
2010-06-21  Charles McGarveyconverted image management to resource handles
2010-06-17  Charles McGarveyresource loading bugs and new sound class
2010-06-16  Charles McGarveyconfiguration cleanup and bugfixes
2010-06-15  Charles McGarveybegin cleaning up resource management
2010-06-15  Charles McGarveymoving some non-portable code to stlplus
2010-06-15  Charles McGarveypkg-config libs parsing bugfix
2010-06-14  Charles McGarveyubuntu doesn't like echo's -e flag in the makefile
2010-06-14  Charles McGarveycleanup stlplus files
2010-06-11  Charles McGarveylua build scripts
2010-06-07  Charles McGarveyneed the configure script
2010-06-07  Charles McGarveytesting new non-autotools build system
2010-05-26  Charles McGarveyfixes for newer versions of g++
2010-05-24  Charles McGarveythe massive refactoring effort
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveyport new sockets stuff to winsock
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveymore explicit constructors
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveyconstructors should be explicit
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveydon't need this old files
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveytcp socket disconnecting by remote
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveybugfix: service and name swapped
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveyexception-aware packets; other misc socket changes
2010-05-15  Charles McGarveybugfix: address name resolving to hostname
2010-05-15  Charles McGarveysockets documentation and cleanup
2010-05-14  Charles McGarveypacket copy bugfix
2010-05-14  Charles McGarveysocket and packet copying
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter socket sending/receiving
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybugfix: writing packets missing some bytes
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter string encoding in packets
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveyresizable packets
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter broadcast support
2010-05-07  Charles McGarveywin32 port of new sockets, with fixes
2010-05-05  Charles McGarveyinitial network stuff
2010-04-30  Charles McGarveyversion bump cml to version 1.0.2
2010-04-29  Charles McGarveymore normal configure options for gtk and qt4
2010-04-07  Charles McGarveyincorporated vim's; -i arg reports commit
2010-03-18  Charles McGarveyremoved doxygen; distcheck bugfix
2010-03-18  Charles McGarveyrepository reorganizing
2010-03-14  Charles McGarveyfixed aabb static class problem
2010-03-14  Charles McGarveyremoved logging from script to fix compile error
2010-03-14  Charles McGarveyscript API improvements
2010-03-09  Charles McGarveynew convenient script methods
2010-03-05  Charles McGarveynow can create win32 portable packages
2010-03-04  Charles McGarveynew win32 deps script; using pkgconfig for openal
2010-03-03  Charles McGarveybugfix: resource file searching was broken
2010-03-01  Charles McGarveydestroyed global classes; view hierarchy instead
2010-01-30  Charles McGarveygame loop tweaks; shapes hierarchy defined
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveyreformatting
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveyincluded manager class
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveylibrary class revamped as manager, goodbye tilemap
2010-01-21  Charles McGarveycleaned up interpolator classes
2010-01-20  Charles McGarveycade lab fixes
2010-01-20  Charles McGarveyminor build system, doc fixes
2010-01-16  Charles McGarveyrefactoring needed for win32 crash
2010-01-14  Charles McGarveymoved log level from configure to setting
2010-01-13  Charles McGarveyfinally fixed broken main loop
2010-01-12  Charles McGarveydispatch class not a singleton, engine is static
2010-01-12  Charles McGarveysimplified win32 installer build script
2009-12-29  Charles McGarveystream-based logging classes
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveyray-scene intersection
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveyno need to rebuild version.c every time
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveypreliminary AM_SILENT_RULES support
2009-12-12  Charles McGarveyfixed permissions for stlplus files
2009-12-08  Charles McGarveyexperimental shapes hierarchy and raycasting
2009-12-05  Charles McGarveyimproved man page
2009-12-05  Charles McGarveyremoved Random.{cc,hh}; obsoleted by cml
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyremoved alut dependency
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyfoundational changes; tying up some loose ends
2009-12-02  Charles McGarveyport to NetBSD
2009-11-30  Charles McGarveysleep forever bug fixed
2009-11-24  Charles McGarveyhouse-keeping
2009-11-29  Charles McGarveybig batch of changes
2009-11-24  Charles McGarveyrenamed mippleton to library
2009-11-19  Charles McGarveyminor refactoring and state progress
2009-11-11  Charles McGarveysmall build system tweaks
2009-11-10  Charles McGarveyminor build system changes
2009-11-08  Charles McGarveybeginning CD implementation
2009-11-03  Charles McGarveypreliminary cleanup of character class
2009-11-03  Charles McGarveyconverted tilemap scripts to lua
2009-11-02  Charles McGarveystarting to move to a generic state structure
2009-11-01  Charles McGarveyrandom changes
2009-10-17  Charles McGarveyfixed layer bugs; generalized octree
2009-10-14  Charles McGarveynew level-based controllers
2009-10-12  Charles McGarveysettings subsystem now using lua
2009-10-13  Charles McGarveyadded missing octree method
2009-10-07  Charles McGarveynew lua scripting for scene loading
2009-09-28  Charles McGarveynew timer class
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveyfixed win32 resource file
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveynew win32 resource file; better dependency checks
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveyimproved new vorbisfile compatibility
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveyno longer using libtool; didn't really need it
2009-09-23  Charles McGarveymoving from SDL_sound to libvorbisfile
2009-09-22  Charles McGarveyrefactoring the scene class
2009-09-20  Charles McGarveyspring experiments
2009-09-17  Charles McGarveymiscellaneous cleanup
2009-09-16  Charles McGarveyadded missing licenses
2009-09-16  Charles McGarveyminor cleanups
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