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tcp socket disconnecting by remote
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2010-05-21  Charles McGarveytcp socket disconnecting by remote
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveybugfix: service and name swapped
2010-05-21  Charles McGarveyexception-aware packets; other misc socket changes
2010-05-15  Charles McGarveybugfix: address name resolving to hostname
2010-05-15  Charles McGarveysockets documentation and cleanup
2010-05-14  Charles McGarveypacket copy bugfix
2010-05-14  Charles McGarveysocket and packet copying
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter socket sending/receiving
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter string encoding in packets
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveyresizable packets
2010-05-13  Charles McGarveybetter broadcast support
2010-05-07  Charles McGarveywin32 port of new sockets, with fixes
2010-05-05  Charles McGarveyinitial network stuff
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