added missing octree method
[chaz/yoink] / src / Moof / Octree.hh
2009-10-13  Charles McGarveyadded missing octree method
2009-10-07  Charles McGarveynew lua scripting for scene loading
2009-09-22  Charles McGarveyrefactoring the scene class
2009-09-14  Charles McGarveymore featureful sound class
2009-09-03  Charles McGarveymore cleanup
2009-09-02  Charles McGarveyfixed stack overflow of entities outside octree
2009-09-02  Charles McGarveyconsiderable refactoring
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveypreliminary physics, sound, hud
2009-08-21  Charles McGarveynow using stlplus containers, especially ntree
2009-08-21  Charles McGarveyinitial working frustum culling implementation
2009-08-14  Charles McGarveyscene drawing correctly implemented; new classes
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