fixed aabb static class problem
[chaz/yoink] / src / Moof /
2010-03-14  Charles McGarveyfixed aabb static class problem
2010-03-14  Charles McGarveyscript API improvements
2010-01-30  Charles McGarveygame loop tweaks; shapes hierarchy defined
2010-01-24  Charles McGarveyreformatting
2009-12-08  Charles McGarveyexperimental shapes hierarchy and raycasting
2009-11-19  Charles McGarveyminor refactoring and state progress
2009-09-22  Charles McGarveyrefactoring the scene class
2009-09-17  Charles McGarveymiscellaneous cleanup
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveypreliminary physics, sound, hud
2009-08-21  Charles McGarveyinitial working frustum culling implementation
2009-08-16  Charles McGarveyrevamped scene drawing in preparation for octree
2009-08-14  Charles McGarveyscene drawing correctly implemented; new classes
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