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starting to move to a generic state structure
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2009-11-02  Charles McGarveystarting to move to a generic state structure
2009-11-01  Charles McGarveyrandom changes
2009-10-17  Charles McGarveyfixed layer bugs; generalized octree
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveyimproved new vorbisfile compatibility
2009-09-23  Charles McGarveymoving from SDL_sound to libvorbisfile
2009-09-22  Charles McGarveyrefactoring the scene class
2009-09-20  Charles McGarveyspring experiments
2009-09-16  Charles McGarveyminor cleanups
2009-09-14  Charles McGarveymore featureful sound class
2009-09-03  Charles McGarveymore cleanup
2009-09-01  Charles McGarveybetter logging (maybe) and exception handling
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveypreliminary physics, sound, hud
2009-08-14  Charles McGarveyscene drawing correctly implemented; new classes
2009-07-29  Charles McGarveyextreme refactoring
2009-07-25  Charles McGarveybig batch of progress
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