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arch linux prefers pkgconfig for finding lua
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2010-01-20  Charles McGarveyminor build system, doc fixes
2010-01-12  Charles McGarveysimplified win32 installer build script
2009-12-13  Charles McGarveypreliminary AM_SILENT_RULES support
2009-12-04  Charles McGarveyremoved alut dependency
2009-11-29  Charles McGarveybig batch of changes
2009-11-23  Charles McGarveyupdated documentation
2009-11-10  Charles McGarveyminor build system changes
2009-11-01  Charles McGarveyrandom changes
2009-10-07  Charles McGarveynew lua scripting for scene loading
2009-09-26  Charles McGarveynew windows installer script, clarified licenses
2009-09-24  Charles McGarveynew win32 resource file; better dependency checks
2009-09-23  Charles McGarveymoving from SDL_sound to libvorbisfile
2009-09-16  Charles McGarveyadded missing licenses
2009-09-14  Charles McGarveymore featureful sound class
2009-09-10  Charles McGarveybetter build system support for win32
2009-09-01  Charles McGarveybetter logging (maybe) and exception handling
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveycleaned up dispatcher
2009-08-31  Charles McGarveypreliminary physics, sound, hud
2009-08-09  Charles McGarveyconfigure sets correct version in spec file
2009-08-01  Charles McGarveyfixed up video and texture handling
2009-07-31  Charles McGarveynew spec file for rpm building
2009-07-27  Charles McGarveymain loop code fixed to decouple updates and draws
2009-07-25  Charles McGarveydatarootdir autotools fix
2009-07-25  Charles McGarveybig batch of progress
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