fixes for compiling with mingw32
[chaz/rasterize] / README
2 CS5600 University of Utah
3 Charles McGarvey
6 Project 3 Notes
8 To build, just `make' it. You will need GNU make; it won't work well with any
9 other kind of make(1). Once built, the executable is called rasterize.
11 Caveats:
13 1. I happened to do Phong interpolation a little differently (i.e. not as
14 good) compared to what is described in the project handout. Instead of
15 calculating the lighting vectors in eye-coordinates, I did it all in world
16 coordinates. So I had to save the camera position (already in world
17 coordinates) from the scene file and transform each point vector of the
18 geometry by just the view matrix. Anyway, the results look a little bit
19 different than the provide images, so maybe I didn't do it quite right.
21 2. Contrary to the specification, the geometry color is not overridden by a
22 texture map in this implementation. Rather, the geometry color is
23 multiplied by the texture color, so blending can work with texture mapping.
25 3. The PPM importer doesn't handle comments, and the BMP importer is also
26 quite picky about the depth and color space, though importing will fail
27 without any useful explanation.
29 Known to run on:
30 * Linux 3.2.1-gentoo (x86_64)
31 * NetBSD 5.1.2 (amd64)
32 * Darwin 10.8.0 (in the Mac lab)
33 * Win32 (tried with i686-mingw32-gcc)
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