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2010-05-18  Zbigniew Lukasiaktest for deleting a might_have
2010-05-07  Gerda Shankavoid uninitialized string warnings
2010-04-08  John Napiorkowskitweaked docs and rebuild readme
2010-04-08  John Napiorkowskiupdated readme
2010-04-08  John Napiorkowskiupdated version
2010-04-06  Zbigniew Lukasiakmerge conflict resolved
2010-04-05  John Napiorkowskitest case for might_have and another minor bug fix
2010-04-04  Gerda ShankMerge branch 'master' of github.com:zby/DBIx--Class...
2010-04-04  John Napiorkowskiskip trying to create a might_have relationship if...
2010-04-02  John Napiorkowskiskip trying to create a might_have relationship if...
2010-03-20  zbyA test case from Amiri
2010-02-06  zbyMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:zby/DBIx--Class...
2010-02-06  zbychecking for table existande before adding add_drop_table
2010-02-06  Gerda Shankoops. put back db file.
2010-02-06  Gerda Shankremove binary db file
2010-02-06  Gerda Shankuse Module::Install makefile; avoid TZ messages
2010-02-06  Gerda Shankbring repo up to cpan level
2009-08-19  Zbigniew Lukasiakupdating related many to many
2009-08-16  Zbigniew LukasiakReadonly to prereqs
2009-06-20  Zbigniew Lukasiaknot using version.pm
2009-06-20  Zbigniew LukasiakMETA is generated automatically
2009-06-20  Zbigniew Lukasiakresolve merge conflict
2009-06-20  Zbigniew Lukasiakrelease
2009-06-20  Gerda ShankUpdate old META.yml
2009-06-11  Zbigniew Lukasiakif_not_submitted
2009-06-10  Zbigniew LukasiakRelating an unrelated record with composed pk
2009-05-21  Zbigniew Lukasiakusing _resolve_condition
2009-05-15  zbyprereqs updated
2009-05-15  zbydocs fix
2009-05-15  zbyrelease preparations
2009-05-14  zbyaccepting undef instead of [] for m2m
2009-05-12  zbym2m accepts one element instead of an arrayref; id...
2009-05-07  zbyRelated rows by id
2009-05-06  zbyusing non-column, non-relation methods
2009-05-04  zbymight_have with non pk fk
2009-04-20  zbyFixed test library
2009-04-19  zbyFunctional interface
2009-02-20  zbyLicense in Makefile.PL
2009-02-17  zbyadded prerequisites
2009-02-17  zbyadded prerequisites
2009-02-17  zbyadded prerequisites
2009-02-16  zbyexperimental
2009-02-16  zbyMANIFEST update
2009-02-16  zbyone less warning in tests
2009-02-16  zbycompatible with 0.08012
2009-02-16  zbyfixed_fields as array
2009-02-03  zbyfixed_columns not merged into update
2009-02-03  zbyperltidy
2009-02-03  zbysqlite.sql
2009-02-03  zbytests from multicreate
2009-02-02  zbya bit of refactoring
2009-02-02  zbygot rid of the requirement to add id => undef
2009-02-02  zbyworkaround for updating records with might_have plus...
2009-02-02  zbya few tests
2009-01-30  zbycode for resolving - fix
2009-01-30  zbycode for resolving
2009-01-30  zbycode for resolving
2009-01-29  zbycolumns first
2009-01-28  zbyadded Viewing.pm
2009-01-25  zbyfix for a new record that belongs to an old one; accept...
2008-11-26  zbyusing Introspectable
2008-11-13  zbyhashrefs in m2m
2008-11-06  zbyinsert in ResultSet now recurses - we don't want this
2008-10-07  zbyDoc changes.
2008-10-07  zbyis_m2m and get_m2m_source methods added
2008-10-01  zbyWorkaround not needed any more
2008-09-30  zbyUpdated to curren DBIC.
2008-09-22  zbyInitial
2008-09-22  matthewtnew dirs for DBIx-Class-ResultSet-RecursiveUpdate
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