fixed incorrect join condition on a relationship which dies on newer and more strict...
[chaz/p5-DBIx-Class-ResultSet-RecursiveUpdate] / dist.ini
2011-02-24  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.23
2011-02-09  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.22
2010-10-28  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.21
2010-10-25  Alexander Hartmaierdon't try to find if not all pk col values are available
2010-10-25  Alexander Hartmaierhandle DBIx::Class change for find which throws an...
2010-10-23  Alexander Hartmaieruse Carp::Clan instead of warn
2010-10-22  Alexander HartmaierWarn instead of throwing an exception if a key is neith...
2010-10-19  Alexander Hartmaierversion 0.20
2010-10-19  Alexander Hartmaieradded John Napiorkowski to the list of authors
2010-10-19  Alexander Hartmaierconverted to Dist::Zilla
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