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11 HomeBank User manual
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14 <h1>Reconcile</h1>
15 <p>The reconcile, or verification of transactions using your bank statement is done manually in HomeBank.</p>
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17 <h2>How the reconcile should be done ?</h2>
18 <p>To start, your bank balance must be the last reconcile that you did with the previous bank statement.</p>
19 <p>Then you will validate each transaction and normally you have the bank balance of HomeBank which correspond to the one of your statement.</p>
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22 <h2>What to do if the balance are not equals ?</h2>
23 <p>If balances are not equal at the end of the reconcile, measure the gap. Then transactions have changed are identified through the small icon which indicates they have been edited.</p>
24 <p>Though you do not see visually, the filter may help.</p>
25 <p>Finally, it is sometimes easier to go back and start reconcile at the beginning.</p>
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