add file_version method to File::HomeBank
[chaz/homebank2ledger] / lib /
2020-05-02  Charles McGarveyadd file_version method to File::HomeBank
2019-12-29  Charles McGarveyfix formatting non-fraction amounts
2019-12-21  Charles McGarveyfix harmless warning when parsing homebank files
2019-08-18  Charles McGarveyadd support for formatting metadata
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveyadd formatting of transactions with lot specifiers
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveysimplify header in output
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveysupport quoting commodity symbols
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveyskip posting payee if it matches transaction
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveyadd format_* methods to formatter public interface
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveyadd option to convert budget
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveydo not add duplicate "unknown" accounts
2019-08-17  Charles McGarveyremove fatal warnings
2019-06-18  Charles McGarveyremove use of yada yada
2019-06-18  Charles McGarveyremove --default-account option
2019-06-13  Charles McGarveyfix bug making --version, --help flags unusable
2019-06-13  Charles McGarveyfix pod error
2019-06-13  Charles McGarveyformat payees and memo on transactions
2019-06-13  Charles McGarveydecode entities in attribute values
2019-06-13  Charles McGarveyinitial commit
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